The Hidden Truth Behind the Police Killings of African-American Young men and women

FOLKS, Hey WORLD!, Watch this and hear the truth behind all the “Open Season” on police efforts in trying to kill off all the “Black” men and women.

Our God is definitely bringing them out, forcing that “hard-sought-after” truth to come out from their mouths. He is exposing them for just what they really are. This time, NO police shooting is involved because their “target-victim-of-choice” (“BLACK” person), is NOT involved. I hope also that, this time, their BIGOTED, BLACK-HATING, POLICE- ACQUITING, CRIME-JUSTIFYING, KKK JUDGES will now shut up and hide their faces in REAL SHAME, just for knowing that the TRUTH behind all the Caucasian police shooting of all the “Innocent” black men and women they’ve killed, has been UNMASKED!!! SHAME! SHAME!! SHAME on YOU!!!

Now, let me make my point clear enough for everyone to understand. I don’t care whether you are Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Indigo or what have you, NO BODY should be targeted or SLATED for SLAUGHTER just for your Ethnicity, Race, Skin color, Religion or Creed. Not even for your profession as a police officer. There are many good police officers who do really good jobs. However, this Evil, Demonic Dog you call Greg Abbott, is NEVER one of them. Rather he represents the VERY WORST there is both as a police officer and as a human being, which he is really not. There are also many of his type in the police force and they are the ones that soil the public image and create the distrust and sour relationship between the police and the communities they are supposed to serve and protect. How can you trust any police officer with such HIDDEN Agenda, especially if you are of the TARGET Group, African American?

Is there any telling? How can anybody ever get to know how many black people he, Greg Abbott, had killed and /or destroyed their lives over the years, as he made it through the ranks, from his rookie years to this time when he is a police lieutenant?

“But you’re not Black,” Abbott says on video. “Remember we only shoot Black people. Yeah. We kill Black people right?”



Dashcam Video Raises Doubt About Police Version Of Cop Beating Black Driver

Dashcam Shows Police Searching Black Woman’s Vagina During Traffic Stop


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