Homosexuality and The Craze of Coming Out

Folks, I’m really concerned just as I don’t know if I should say that I’m amazed or baffled at the “back and forth” joggling of this conversation on the issue of homosexuality. No matter how academic, or empathetic or, if you like, how sympathetic about it anyone wants to get, Sin is still SIN. Period!!! Philosophize about homosexuality all you want, it does not change the fact that except for political quandary, this would not even be an issue to talk about. Homosexuality is a horrible, politics-driven, deviant lifestyle based on blatant disregard for the word of God.

Without being judgmental, I have to acknowledge the fact that as humans, we can never claim to be sinless, no, that in itself would be sinful altogether. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. (Romans 3:23) While we all have our individual struggles with and against sin in our respective areas, the worst thing anyone of us can do to ourselves would be to deny our sinfulness. Doing so would amount to fooling oneself, since the worst person to deceive is one’s own self.

The word of God speaks, expressly against unrighteousness and warns us NOT to be deceived: “neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind….shall inherit the kingdom of God.” (Ist Corinthians 6: 9-10).

Temptation on its own is not sin, but your response to it is what determines your character: overcome or succumb to sin? Every now and then you hear people talking about “Coming Out”, coming out from where, were they locked in jail or what, you want to ask? Well, yes coming out of hiding from the guilt and shame of sin-cursed lifestyle as “ABUSERS OF THEMSELVES WITH MANKIND” (and WOMANKIND too.) That is HOMOSEXUALITY. EFFEMINISM is: A Man Intentionally and Shamelessly Acting Like A Woman.

Coming out, basking in the light of Political Pandering, as a political pressure group to influence political decisions and elections, thus driving every element of societal moral fabrics into the toilets. Homosexual lifestyle is a choice people make, deliberately. Whether they know the general ramifications of their choice, at the time of making that choice or not, is another thing. Most people who practice the lifestyle today just take advantage of the fact that the strings had been pulled from off it. They don’t feel as stigmatized by it anymore. That’s the reason for this “CRAZE OF COMING OUT” every now and then. It has been elevated to the ranks of political pageantry, just enough to influence voting results in American political elections. If this issue of Homosexuality were to be kept out of the realms of politics and not even mentioned during political election campaigns, people’s attitude towards it would very quickly change and this idea of “Coming Out” would diminish or even disappear with Great Speed.

This goes to underscore the problem of moral decadence and spiritual emptiness in a Godless political system that does not even worry about accountability. When people realize that they do not have to account for their actions then you get them playing to the basest of human instincts and emotions. Maturity and morality are the things that tell you that with every privilege of choice comes corresponding level of responsibility. When people believe or even know they are not going to be held responsible for their choice of actions, then you could see that it becomes almost very difficult, if not impossible to contain their indulgent escapades. SUCH IS THE CASE WITH HOMOSEXUALITY!!!


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